Starting School

starting school for the first time is a huge milestone

for our littlies.

Why not capture the special day in apersonalised

‘Starting School’ framed picture?

starting school5.jpg
starting school56.jpg

Celebrate your little ones first day of school with this cute character frame.


See your little one smiling, proudly wearing their brand new uniform together with their details of their all important first day.

Their name, start date, school and their age, as well as an chance to add a message at the bottom.

With its unique, personal design it makes the perfect

keepsake or gift for those littlies out there about to

take their next big step!


It's a lovely piece to cherish forever and look back on with fond memories as they

grow up.


Overall size in the frame 23.5cm x 23.5cm


Please get in touch if you would like one of these.

An order for this particular item would require either a good

description or a photo or child and their uniform, which

would include their skin tone, hair colour, how they would typically wear it, if they were glasses etc.

As a consequence of this, I work largely on email

correspondents due to the work needing approval for you lovely customers before I create the final pieces.

I look forward to hearing from you!

£3.95 postage

Starting School poster

celebrate their new start with this ace poster!

info to be added soon


Overall size in the frame 23.5cm x 23.5cm

school 4.jpg
school 2 copy.jpg
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